Bridal Costumes

by jone.ponting

Bridal costumes. These two words surprisingly elicit a unified opinion from almost everyone. Every time someone mentions a “bridal costume”, the automatic reaction is to visualize a newlywed bride in a beautiful flowing white dress. The typical wedding setting is what springs to mind. However, there is so much more to a wedding than the attire the newlyweds don on this eventful day. As is the case anywhere where there is a crowd, there will always be someone observing the minute details of the great occasion. The normal guest at a wedding will only focus on the customary aspects during a wedding. But clearly, bridal costumes can change the entire outlook of the great occasion.

One other thing wedding guests also regularly forget is that the bridal costume is not meant to appeal to THEM. A bridal costume is meant to ensnare the groom’s attention. Wedding ceremonies are very often colorful occurrences. Talk of a myriad of beautiful flowers, uncountable decorations, attractive guests all donned in their best attires, nice sensual music and all other things that can be deemed to be eye – catching. Any groom, no matter his resolve can momentarily be distracted by the beauty surrounding him. Therefore, a bride has to be dressed in a way that would surely capture the groom’s imagination (of course, this is from the bride’s perspective. It is a whole different and interesting tale when we get to the bridegroom).

That being said, there is one proven way to keep the groom expectant throughout the whole process. During a wedding, the bride is at the closest proximity with her groom. If she dons sexy bridal lingerie beneath her wedding gown, the groom will not fail to notice. Sexy bridal lingerie is not about appearance. It is a statement.  The new bride is just sending a message; that she is willing to explore all avenues of sexuality and sensuality with her lifetime partner. In the groom’s eyes, the bride is supposed to be meek enough to submit to his wishes, but always ready to take charge and make their life journey one long rollercoaster affair.

Traditionally, wedding planners were just content with providing the wedding gown. Nowadays, they go a step further to plan the bride’s attire before, during and after the wedding ceremony. Recently, wedding planning agencies carry out a photo – shoots starring the bride in assorted sexy bridal lingerie. Some of these pictures would be “subtly” leaked to the groom to allow him to anticipate what the post – wedding scenario would be like. If for whatever reason the groom responds to a particular lingerie combination, it would be incorporated into the bride’s final look on the wedding day. A slight glimpse of the bridal lingerie would automatically capture the groom’s mind. One important fact to note is that the bride should always be beautiful enough to make the groom feel like the luckiest man in the world while making every other dude jealous.

Contrary to general belief, sexy bridal lingerie is not just about carnal awareness between the newlyweds. It goes a long way in cementing the newlyweds’ confidence as well as distracting them from pre – wedding jitters.

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